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Micron Sizes

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ULV Foggers should be used in

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How to Choose the Right ULV Fogging Machine

Things to Consider When Choosing ULV Fogging for Disinfection

  • 1. Droplet Size

    a) Volume of air
    b) Flow rate

  • 2. Cost

    Droplet Sizes can be controlled in the ULV Foggers. The benefits of controlling the droplet size are when it is much smaller it can penetrate small nooks and crannies and they stay in the air longer, and when using outdoors you can use the bigger droplet size so that it is not blown with the wind.

    The Different RPM on the same flow rate of liquid will generate different micron size of the droplet and different throw level which distance covered by the droplet will be more the higher RPM (Rounds per Minute) model.

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Mitzvah Ultra Low Volume Portable Cold Fogger with 4.5 Litres Tank in 36000 RPM

Price: ₹14,900.00 ₹9,900.00+ GST

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Power : 1200 Watts RPM : 36000 Warranty : 3 Years Droplet Size : 5 ~ 30 Microns Throw : 6 ~ 8 Meters Colour : Yellow

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Product ULV Cold Fogger
Model ULS 1 045 - JP
RPM 36000
Input Power 110 AC, 8.5 amps, 50 / 60 Hz
Current 4.2 amp
Wattage 1200 W
Warranty 3Y / 1Y / 6M
Length of Vortex Gun 375 mm
Range 3-8 m
Adjustable flow rate 0-650 ml / min
Particle Size 5 - 50 microns
Tank Capacity 4.5 L
Dimension (LXWXH) 390 X 260 X 440 mm
Product Weight 3.5 Kgs
Box Weight 4.2 Kgs
Volume 0.045 CBM

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Warranty 6 Month 1 Year 3 Years
Shipping Rs. 499/- Free Free
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Grand Total Rs. 10832/- Rs. 10832/- Rs. 10832/-

Why does Droplet Size matter? (It will save your huge money)

Every Machine works on the principle of breaking the liquid into small droplets and throwing them to a distance, to cover an area. This range of droplets is known as spray spectrum. A droplet of 400 μm diameter is 1000 times bigger in volume than a 40 μm. If the droplet can be reduced to half there will be an 8 fold increase in the number of droplets and the coverage will also increase. Generally, small droplets are more effective.


How do the ULV Cold Foggers work?

ULV foggers work on the principle of Bernoulli's theorem. The Electric Motor generates a high volume of air and is directed through a specially designed aerodynamic housing to give a resistance free flow to air and accelerate the velocity, a stream of air pumps up the air in the fluid tank which pushes the fluid towards the speciaal nozzle which houses a air diffuser which when coupled with the high velocity stream of air, atomizes the fluid. ULV Cold Foggers work on electricity.

Placing a tank below the motor avoids leakage and performs better.

ULV foggers have a regulator to control the droplet size, which can be achieved by changing the flow rate of fluid from the tank to the air diffuser. These particles when sprayed indoors stay in air for a longer time and can reach smaller gaps and holes in the walls and floor as well as spaces behind furniture and other tight spaces. It does not wet the surface and equipment.

These suspended particles act on virus and bacteria, as specified by the fluid manufacturer. These machines can even be used for deodorising and keeping the mosquitoes away by spraying insecticide.

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