5 Secret of Air Curtain Benefits

5 Secret of Air Curtain Benefits According to AMCA International study on ‘Investigation of the Impact of Building Entrance Air Curtain on Whole Building Energy Use’, In comparison to the vestibules, Air curtains save 10% more energy in environmental separation performance, Cuts up to 75% of the cost in labor and materials. This research has…

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Air Door – A Great Energy Saver

Most commercial, industrial and residential establishments these days use an air door for a major reason – cutting their monthly electric consumption. Remarkably this piece of equipment has proven such relief in the payment of electricity bills to those who have been using it. If you do not quite understand how the saving of energy happens,…

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Specialty of Air Curtains

These are the 3 Specialty of Air Curtains 1. They create an invisible air barrier that inadvertently stops the flow of air from the outside. Creation of an invisible curtain of air enables us to keep the door wide open. 2. Placement of the product is an important task, just above or beside the entrance…

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