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What Is An Air Curtain?

An air curtain is an energy saving product that is used in commercial and residential buildings to prevent insects, dust and a wide range of other things from entering certain space.

Air curtain also ensure that the air in the building remain conditioned while also ensuring that spaces near the doors remain usable.

It is available in two main types:

1.circulating air curtains.

2. Non-circulating air curtains.

Why Use Air Curtains?

Incredible benefits can be achieved by using an air curtain. It controls air transfer, thus saving energy, enhances smooth and faster traffic flow, enhances the usability of spaces near doors and guaranteeing comfort.

Moreover, an air curtain gets rid of fog and ice in cold areas and improves safety in places near doors. Inhibits Mosquitoes, Flies and Dust.

How an Air Curtain Work?

Air enters the air curtain through the fan housing before being accelerated by the fan. This fast-moving air gets into the plenum which ensures that the air is evenly distributed the entire length of the discharge nozzle.

The aerofoil design of Blower with vortex shaped housing in combination with the nozzle ensure the uniformity of the airstream and a minimum turbulence. The air which is discharged via the nozzle goes to the floor as a jet stream and about 80 percent of this gets to the side where the air curtain is installed while 20 percent flows towards the opposite direction.

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