Specialty of Air Curtains


These are the 3 Specialty of Air Curtains

1. They create an invisible air barrier that inadvertently stops the flow of air from the outside. Creation of an invisible curtain of air enables us to keep the door wide open.

2. Placement of the product is an important task, just above or beside the entrance ensures no movement of air from outside the area. While not doing the same may result in leakage from both areas.

3. There are other ways to support the temperature in a room but air curtains are an advanced technique which allows people to move between rooms without any hindrance.

In the recent times, many industries do not mind spending large amounts to support a healthy setup. But on the contrary, these curtains are highly inexpensive and efficient at work. The setup is quite overwhelming for many, as these air curtains manage temperature even with the door open by forming a thin air layer across the doors. These curtains can manage both hot and cold air, be it inside or outside the confined area.

The air curtains are selected depending on the following factors:

  • The height of installation of the curtains is measured from the discharge diffuser to the floor, the width of the door etc.
  • The location of the building to decide the level of protection needed against weather conditions.
  • If the building has several doors in the same, different or opposite direction.
  • If the building has several stores connected by escalators.
  • Air Pressure differences between the inside and outside of the building.
  • If the door is always open, automatic, revolving, etc.
  • Characteristics of the ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Availability of voltage and electrical power.
  • Type of business, style, and decoration of the premises.

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