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Air Curtain

  • Creates an invisible barrier across the doorway
  • Stops unconditioned air to enter our premises
  • Prevent dusts, insects, flies, mosquitoes
  • Maintain Hygiene
  • Energy Efficient
  • Save Manpower

Strip Curtains

  • Provide comfortable work environment by protecting against noise, wind, and dirt.
  • Reduces business operating costs
  • Decreases energy costs
  • Helps to maintain temperature control within the workspace
  • Divides rooms to reduce noise
  • Provides an easy passage for forklifts, carts, machinery, and personnel

Open Your Doors to Success - The Mitz-Way

Conditioned Air stays in You win


Open Door Effect

Let your customers know your business is open without compromising the comfort of the environment

Design Flexibility

Providing an unobtrusive barrier to external elements without interfering the design of the building

Hygienic Environment

Acts as an unseen barrier to keep pests,insects and dust away, maintaining hygienic atmosphere

Energy Efficiency

Reduces energy losses by keeping the conditioned air inside; either from freezer or hot ovens

Save Manpower

Decrease in maintenance costs of dusting and cleaning thereby saving your manpower

Smart Control

Combined with switches and sensors, you can control the operation of air curtains only when the door opens

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These are latest addition in the series, where air curtains are used in the vehicles…

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Cafe Delhi Heights

Comfy and Clean environments

Mitzvah helped us maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of our environment. After Mitzvah, our customers said the place felt more comfortable and welcoming.

Angels in my Kitchen

Prevents Dust, and insects

Air curtains prevented harmful dirt, pests and insects from entering our kitchen while being energy-efficient.

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Serving to top players of the market

Serving wordwide

Spreading cleanliness all around the globe



We assist you right from selection of products and control systems to installation and maintenance guidance

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We have been recognised for our authenticity with ISO 9001:2005 certification and CE Certification . We are also a part of the Government’s Make in India Campaign. We are registered with NSIC and MSME.

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